Is Unconsciousness, the Price of Marriage.

What’s conversation for?
For example I converse to convert my own concepts. AKA to increase my consciousness.

His reply: What’s that? I’ve been married 10 years and have 3 kids, I don’t know what that is and I am not interested!

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7 Responses to Is Unconsciousness, the Price of Marriage.

  1. GoofyFoot says:

    Yeah I’d say my consciousness is sort like the aggregation of the source of data / the inventory of things going on in my life. I agree not a perfect sync of my life – just a cognitive collection with level of interpretation i.e. one step removed from “reality*”. (i.e. hence subconscious probably can’t therefore be considered to be part of this collection)

    Whereas my awareness is like an XML connection into this aggregation/collection aka my consciousness. So I think my awareness is also not a perfect sync my consciousness and effectively is two steps removed from the “reality*”

    (*. reality is a little bit like measuring the temperature of the center of the earth – we can estimate but we don’t really know what it is.)

    Hence my consciousness is the first level estimate and my awareness is the 2nd level estimate. (for want to a better analogy).

    Now that brings us to behavior. I think there is a correlation between how closely in sync my awareness is with my consciousness are result is my behavior. i.e. the closer the sync the more likely my behavior will follow my consciousness. The weaker the sync the less likely my behavior will reflect my consciousness. (takes patience and courage to sync things up, I reckon)

    And I guess as people who make choices – we use denial to put a wedge between our consciousness and awareness. Sort of like trying to starve ourselves of awareness so that our behavior does not need to sync to our consciousness. Understandable given the fears we may have if in behavior did in fact sync up enough to reflect more or less what was oign on in our heads.

    So the bread crumb would go something like this:

    reality > consciousness > (denial) > awareness > behavior > feedback > goes back into consciousness and the loop has an infinite continuum (fractal like)

    fark – no wonder so many people go crazy or reply like that 10 year married dude.

    • Maybe consciousness is the level of work (behaviour) that we do to find free will? ie How much work we actually do to free ourselves from the chains of our genes and upbringing.

      • GoofyFoot says:

        Yeah genes and upbringing.& [free ourselves] from decisions we’ve made and experiences we’ve had (i.e. to not let them define us, per say)

  2. And also frree ourselves from future decisions that could have been chained to our genes and upbringing, that is the exciting bit.

    • GoofyFoot says:

      si, estoy de acuerdo (I agree) But i guess that’s the think – actually doing the emotional work is probably the hardest work a human can do! Which I guess makes it understandable that many don’t [do the work].

  3. Yeah because it requires delaying gratification, think of me as 24 years with mum and 12 years with Kate to resolve issues. Like saving first before we can afford to buy stuff rather than taking out a high interest loan, maybe. I would have taken out a loan of some consciousness if there was a bank that offered it but, somehow I don’t think there is one.

  4. GoofyFoot says:

    Interesting concept – though yeah i guess no bank credit! Nor any insurance for when our level of consciousness is insufficient to cover the consequences of our decisions. doh!

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