The Golden Treaty


Who can argue with the rationale of the Golden Rule of treating others as we would have them treat us? Well I guess I would like to here.

Not that I disagree with the idea only that I dispute the notion of its simplicity.

You see, I like chocolate cake and having my feet rubbed (not with the cake).
So does that mean that I should go around rubbing everyone elses feet and feed them chocolate cake? Hardly and so here we have the problem. In what context or when should we treat others the way we want to be treated?

After pondering this thought for over 25 years I think that I have finally worked out what is the context of the Golden Rule.
I think that it is meant for when we are in dispute with someone specifically and it is a
call to action for us to work out how we would like to be treated before we ever get to this point. I do not think that it is a way for us to avoid disputes, as I consider them healthy.
I also do not think it means that we go around holding each other’s hand and hug each other. Just a way to ensure that our disputes 
do not get heated or out of control. Having dissenting views and contributing them is what allows us to grow. Having a safe environment to do so, I believe is imperative.

What started out as a very simple rational now turns out to be a very complicated, life long quest to find a better way of resolving and moderating disputes.

Having done the groundwork I have completed the theory and am now ready to trial my 6 rules of engagement during interpersonal relationships.

Rethink Perfect is my treaty for the Golden Rule or as I call it my golden treaty.
Have you got your’s ready?

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