Do You Understand the Sexican Standoff


As far as I am concerned, this issue between women and men and who should initiate
is a Mexican or Sexican Standoff.

That is, most of us, on both sides of this equation, are now, not willing to initiate first.

Everyone knows that we (men and women) are both now equal in principal and therefore equally responsible for initiating relationships.
2013 has its advantages and its disadvantages, confusion being one of them.

So how do we overcome this standoff and meet members of the opposite sex?

No idea!

Any feedback from single women much appreciated.

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2 Responses to Do You Understand the Sexican Standoff

  1. GoofyFoot says:

    Not that I have any credible insight into how women brains work, though I suspect some women are more likely to initiate when there is some 3rd party connection with a guy. For example via a mutual friend, they are both part of a sports group, a meetup group, or professional association, or work colleagues etc.

    But I think some women are less likely initiate directly with a stranger when there is limited reference point, connection and/or filter.

    While in Chile I have had a number of girls initiate, especially there is contact via meetup group for example. But I guess this could also be influenced by me being a foreigner…which they seem to be more friendly towards. Not that I’m complaining though…

  2. GoofyFoot says:

    Oh but also I think there are many levels of initiating.

    I.e. for what and in what context.

    You seem to be (to me) talking about initiating for a relationship – whereas I think there are many other iterations that may lead to that – but perhaps the initial motivation is something different.

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