Hooked Up


Daniel Karlsson

What about this, do you agree that everything in this world is designed to get us to hook up with someone? If one can avoid it, it would be a miracle and not many have.

We have our fantasies of love, princes and princesses, fate, destiny, god
commitment, communication, trust, peers ( and its pressure).

If you look at the odds there is a huge chance of finding someone, anyone, the one.
Most people do, at least once and for at least a little while.

New cars, the latest fashions, makeup, exercise, weight watchers, great job, big house,
body enhancement, social media, music and lyrics, etc etc. Everything designed to get us hooked up and to be hooked up, most of the time, one way or the other.

Starts out exciting, sexy, fancy and everything and we are the centre of the world and the world is ours and has made this all happen. All just so that we have sex and possibly have offspring.

And we think we make all the decisions ourselves and we are in control of our life.

The only control, therefore, if what I am saying is true, I think, is to try avoid it all or
put up our hand and surrender to it and know that, when it comes down to it,
we are all just animals, not too long out of the tree.

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3 Responses to Hooked Up

  1. GoofyFoot says:

    In David Eagleman’s book ‘Incognito’ he makes the point that we start to lose interest in a sexual partner after the time it takes to conceive and raise a child i.e. 4 years. He goes on to say that the average divorce is after 4 years. Maybe a coincidence though I doubt it.

    Hence our biology driving us to get hooked up and knocked up within that window of time, to make the most of the strong feelings that mates have towards each other.

    I guess though what makes us different in the animal kingdom is our level of consciousness – in that we at least have some say (or we think we do) in choosing a mate and whether to actually have offspring with them.

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