Conscious & Sub-conscious

Steve, what if I said that you were sub-human, that would be an insult right? So what if I considered that I was conscious and called you or another part of my brain sub-conscious?How arrogant of me and I think I might have it the wrong way round.

What if we got it all wrong. What if what we call our consciousness is actually our sub-conscious and what we call our sub-conscious is actually more conscious than we are?

Who or what is our driver, and who or whatever that is then maybe the one in the back seat is the “sub”. Maybe we are so unconscious or sub-conscious that we consider our conscious to be the sub.

Well I think that I might be on to something here and the game is afoot, Sherlock!

If we were conscious then we couldn’t learn anything new. Maybe our sub-conscious is the one that knows it all, i.e. conscious, and feeds us every now and then with a clever morsel.
Well that is what it feels like to me.

This goes back to the “Hooked Up” post and that we are just out of the tree and your Facebook comment; “I wouldn’t sell my level of consciousness for all the money in the world”. Would you sell your unconsciousness? Because I think what you call your consciousness is really sub-standard and it might explain why some people can get more in touch with their “consciousness” (what we call sub-conscious), or our consciousness can get more in touch with us.

So now all I have to do is let my consciousness inform me why this is so….stay tuned,
and maybe you could try give your “consciousness” a bit more credit and it/he/she might get in touch with you a bit more.

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1 Response to Conscious & Sub-conscious

  1. GoofyFoot says:

    I like David Eaglemans analogy for consciousness i.e. “Consciousness is like a tiny stowaway on a huge steam ship crossing the Atlantic, taking credit for the journey without understanding mechanisms which makes it all happen.”

    My point being that even though my consciousness is minuscule in the scheme of the journey (i.e. what my brain does on auto pilot and I’m playing catchup), I am still very grateful to have the level of awareness that I do have, even though i agree it is way sub-standard/ underdeveloped – e.g. I am not far above being retarded.

    I think of late my ‘brain’ has been doing much of the driving in what I have been saying and written in some contexts. With my awareness of what is going on only catching up after I re-read what I’ve written or get feedback from others. I think travelling and learning Spanish helps the process too.

    So I guess – yeah you can flip it and call consciousness (sub) and call subconscious (consciousness) and if that helps us make more of a connection to where the action is taking place, then so be it.

    I guess one way of looking at it, is like this huge lake just feeding a tiny little stream. I suspect that opening the mouth of the lake really only happens by me challenging myself and build the connection. But then again if I had all the money in the world perhaps I could build an fiber optic NBN connection 🙂

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