Righteous Indignation and the Antichrist

It seems like that these days we are bombarded with thousands of daily messages
to try sell us something. From ideas to products and services.

One idea that I think we have all been sold is the idea of righteous indignation.
We all seem to learn through manners and politeness that anger is not acceptable
behaviour but not when it is “righteous indignation”.  When we feel we are in the right
and we think our anger is justified and right also.

Think about this just for a second. When did you ever, at the time, think that what
you were doing or saying was wrong? Or better still, what are you doing or thinking
now that you think to be wrong or not right? I think that we are always in a present state of rightness and therefore this means that we are going to be proned to righteous indignation, ie. Justifying our anger. To me, this makes us mini gods in our own lunchtime.

Did Hitler think that what he was doing was right? Of course he did and so did Pol Pot and every other extremist, in my view.

Righteous indignation seems to come about from the story in the bible when Jesus overturned the money changers’ tables in the temple. ”If he can get angry with his righteous indignation then we all can”, was the message that was pitched to me, once again, by a couple of Mormons last week.

Well that makes me the antichrist because I don’t believe that to be the case. My anger, whether I believe it to be right or not, is unacceptable. Understandable, yes, because I am human but still not acceptable. And I have yet to see someone else’s anger that was right or justified, in my view.

I prefer the other story of trying to turn the other cheek.

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1 Response to Righteous Indignation and the Antichrist

  1. GoofyFoot says:

    Yeah turn the other cheek – though perhaps in the form of appreciating the person’s contribution and acknowledging their point, even if we don’t agree with. At least that will pave the way, with the other person, for my argument to be put forward.

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