Conscious About Our Consciousness

Can you answer the following questions?

1. How conscious are you about your consciousness?
A: some

2. For example when is the last time you asked yourself this question?
A: Today.

3. For example out of 100, how conscious do you think you are?
A: 42, I reckon that I am about half way in my journey of consciousness, if I live to 85.

4. How much has your consciousness improved over the last 10 years and how do you measure it?
A: 25%, by looking back on my past relationships and where I was going wrong.

5. Have you had many Aha! moments and can you recall one?
A: Yes, when I worked what conversation was for, some 2 years ago.

6. How much does awareness of consciousness play in your day to day conversation and thinking?
A: 30%

7. How do you go about increasing your awareness of your consciousness?
A: By converting my concepts using other peoples’ feedback

I think that consciousness could be defined by our level of awareness or consciousness of it.

A bit of a conundrum, but hey, that’s probably what makes it so elusive.

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2 Responses to Conscious About Our Consciousness

  1. GoofyFoot says:

    I noticed in this post you didn’t mention the subconscious – which is probably a good idea – given if one was to rank their consciousness level against the overall combo of con & subcon I think the % would a lot lower.

    Maybe that’s what is meant by – we use only 10% of our brains ie the 90% is the subconscious.

    You seem to be saying that you think you have a certain amount consciousness that you are 42% aware of. Though that poses the question – can we increase our amount of consciousness & our awareness level of it? (Aka exponential & the end point is a moving target) by way of our subconscious tendencies reducing as our awareness increases.

    I was thinking that my awareness level overall is reducing relative – as I become more aware of how much I am not aware of.

    Though to put a figure on it I’d say I am aware of my consciousness = 33.3%.

    I guess one gets out what they put in – I’m a bit lazy sometimes in diving deeper into my thinking – but that’s where conversation and feedback is useful to help shortcut the process.

    Aha moment of sorts: when I realised recently the practical correlation between expectations and preparation. Ie the less I expected on a subject the more I prepared for those expectations not being realised and vice versa.

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