Equality is an Action not just a Word.

I was at my local club tonight and like a lot of men, now days, I kept my cards
close to my chest.

So a couple of, lets say, mature women rolled up and got me to take a photo of them
(an old trick).

I suggested to them “Imagine that you were equal to men and that you talked to them as much as they talked to you”.

“Yeah no men will tak to us” one stated.

“That’s what I mean, you talked to them, we are all equal now arn’t we?”

“Oh yeah, I think I know what you mean”.

This is the story of the sexual revolution in Australia, most women in my opinion don’t realise that they are equal to men and that they can now talk to men as much as they expect men to to talk to them.

I just heard that the average marriage in Australia last 12.3 years. Thinik how much longer it would last if women only participated in the equality that they have achieved over the last 100 years and if men waited for women to realise this.

Equality is an action not just a word.

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