Letter to Lara Giddings Premier of Tasmania

My letter to Lara Giddings Premier of Tasmania

(on the subject of the new euthanasia bill proposed for Tasmania)
Hi Lara;
When they argue that the medical staff should not HAVE to help people die,why not simply say that the people that assist to die should be volunteers.

My mum helped her friend, who was suffering from motor neuron disease, to die by asking the staff to do something and they used morphine. But it should not be up to us to have to make such decisions.

Thanks again for your new bill proposal.

Des Sherlock

[her reply]

On behalf of the Premier, Lara Giddings MP, I acknowledge and thank you for your email.
Kind regards

Elisa Robinson

Executive Assistant

Office of Lara Giddings MP
Minister for the Arts

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