Rocket Science

Rocket Science
“It’s not rocket science…” was the quote from Max, a guy I spoke/conversed with last night about the number one method that I think we humans use to increase awareness and understanding of a subject ie using conversation to convert.

I said to him that either is E=MC2 rocket science after it was coined, in my view, but the math behind it, I believe is complex and took Albert Einstein years to create/discover something so simple.

So here is mine:


Rethink Perfect Conversation is for converting our Own Concepts through Feedback into Agreements and possible (plus or minus) Solutions

Once this is agreed to as not “rocket science” then we can simply ask the question why have we not personally or communally developed further rules of engagement, besides etiquette and politeness, to cope with serious use of such a simple equation and process? That is some rules for when the equation is perverted by one of us trying to convert the other’s concepts and not our own. And why, when I mention the need for such agreed rules do I get such looks like someone just sucked a lemon?

I don’t think that using conversation to  convert our own concepts. from other peoples’ feedback, into agreements and possible solutions, is rocket science either but it has taken me some 30 years to realise this explanation/equation and I think some 30 years more to complete and test the formula and to use it for converting the formula even further along with all the problems that I find myself with, from now on.

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