As Good As it Gets Choosing Process

As Good As It Gets Choosing Process

As Good As It Gets Choosing Process

Here is something to blow your mind. This is a diagram that I have come up with that I am
trying to use to explain how I want to try make choices.
The frame is made up of:

· Blue P cubes for Predicting

· Green A cubes for Actual results and

· Red R cubes Rethinking or Re-evaluating.

Note the fractal where the framework is repeated over each cube. So I will predict, actualise & rethink each Prediction, Actual and Rethought in micro steps also.

The AGAIG in each cube is an attempt not to judge or criticize each step in the spiral outside the cubes. Creating all the work for making a choice in each step or micro step and allowing for the space or nothingness to coexist.

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2 Responses to As Good As it Gets Choosing Process

  1. GoofyFoot says:

    I find by imagining that a situation with someone is ‘as good as it gets’ I stopped expecting them to change.

    I guess this part of the third phase of evaluation without judgement.

    But to achieve that I found I had to literally changed the way I thought about that person and the situation. This to me is the result of overlaying my past prediction, with latest results – and there was a huge gap that I believe won’t be able to be bridged ie the latest prediction ie a stark contrast to the previous prediction which unfortunately inducates I’m not very good at predictions 😉

    Am I on the ball as far as how this could work?

    I think this could be a very powerful tool which enables one to moderate their expectations and emotions more closely reflective of what’s actually going on (which btw I think is a forever unknown)

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