Predicting Our Future

*This is a sketch in my thought processes on how we possibly make decisions.

Predicting permeates every facet of our lives. We predict that the sun will rise in the morning, that our heart will take its next beat, our lungs draw its next breath. We predict thousands of movements of our limbs every day. We even predict that our brain will continue making all of these predictions for us day in day out. Of course most of these predictions are not so conscious but never the less they still exist and it is how we survive and thrive as a species.

But what about our more conscious predictions or what we more commonly call plans. How do we go about making these and improve upon this process? I have a theory that our brains work like this. We Predict, then compare it with the Actual (our perception of the true result) ± perfect (A universal constant that we presume to exist)
and then Rethink the whole process again.

P = A±p = R(P = A±p)

What if we used a sequencing process similar to DNA to store our ideas and memory where the sequence always read: PApR-PApR-PApR-PApR-PApR-PApR-PApR-PApR where a prediction always connected to an Actual ± perfect and an Ap always connected to a Rethink.

In this way we can select any A±p and slot it in between a P and an R and get a result.

This process could be going on unconsciously, hundreds of thousands of times a day as our brain pulsates instantaneous calculations throughout the day but also up to 65,000 times a day as we make unconscious and conscious decisions.

Each time honing our skills in the whole process of predicting or planning ahead (it is what makes professional tennis players or golfers so good). If what I am saying is true and this resembles our predicting (thinking) process then if we consciously learned to master this or what ever process we used to predict our future decisions then surely we could improve upon it.

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