To Commit or Not to Commit that is the Expectation

“To commit” or to “make a commitment” seem to be the buzz phrases of most single women out to “trap” her man.

When will they get it? When will they realise that the biggest cause of relationship failure is, in my view, the pressure that is applied to both through this ridicules process, that is still deemed appropriate and acceptable in 2014?

It is almost like we are living in a world some 100 years ago. But why have we not evolved? Why have we remained in this time warp of thinking that expectations of another are valid and useful and acceptable.

Well, in my view they are not acceptable. Expectations of another are not going to achieve any long term result other than destroy a relationship.

Granted most guys will put up with just about anything for a chance to get his end in, and putting up with her expectations and all the resentment and anger that comes with the lack of fulfilment of such behaviour, is the price most will be willing to pay, at least for a while, until she works out that that is exactly what he is doing; putting up with her and her expectations.

Ok, so what is the solution to using such antiquated devices of expecting someone to perform? Well what about a complete restructuring of the whole concept of relationships and marriage and to bring it into the 21st century and to get men to participate much more in this process.

More to come….. stay tuned or better still leave some feedback.

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3 Responses to To Commit or Not to Commit that is the Expectation

  1. I’d rather miss out on many small hopes than achieve even just one expectation!

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