Two things I Learnt Tonight

I learnt two things tonight,

1. To understand, more clearly, the conformism mechanism on the mating cycle

2. Learn how to explain when I stop expecting.

1. First learning:
I think the conformism mechanism is driven by fear, in that women have a choice of 2 behaviours.

1. Wait for a guy to initiate conversation: That way she gets the sample of the bulk of men or majority that are participating around the middle of bell curve.

2. Or initiate with the chance of striking an outlier (one that has chosen not to initiate) that is either incredibly smart and aware or is on the other side of the long tail curve and is a incredibly shy and/or psychopath and unstable.

It is no wonder that women choose behaviour 1?

But wait there is more. What if you were a psychopathic outlier guy and realised that women were selecting by the above process then you chose to try blend into the majority of the bell curve, i.e. to conform and start initiating. Then this would throw out the whole principle of the majority of women’s tactics.

I think that this is what happens and the majority of women have not realised this.

2. Second Learning:

That when one truly is willing to drop one’s expectation one will be able to tell by discovering the explanation of that particular issue.

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