Advice Vs Feedback

What is the difference between Advice and Feedback

Andrew’s Answer:
Advice for me is without understanding the personal problem but giving “in my situation…”
Whereas feedback for me is that personal “advice” tailored to ones problem?!
Eg. A feedback loop, it started with the problem and is helping it?!

Steve’s Answer:
Technically – I’d say advice is paid for – feedback is free.
I think neither is objective, hence the need to filter with that in mind.

Free advice to me feels a bit didactic, hence I too prefer feedback – though on occasion
I am prepared to pay for advice (which I try take on its merit rather than being impressed by the givers reputation or price tag)

One other thing about advice vs feedback – regardless of which one you get given,
I would tend to enquire if the person giving it actually applies it to their own life and if not why not? if yes – give me an example.

I reckon that would turn the exchange more so into a conversation rather than one way advice, feedback

Des’s Answer:
Feedback requires detailed input to a specific issue, it is more specific and personable.
Whereas advice is more generic and more applicable to general issues.

In order to give expert feedback one would need to get expert input.
In other words the feedback can only be as good as the input.
Eg. Feedback on your latest job that you have applied for.

Where as expert advice, because of its generic nature can be given regardless
of the input.
Eg Expert advice on the property market in Melbourne

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