What is an Identificationship?

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A lot of people spend part of their lives complaining about being deceived or lied to, abused or judged.

But what if you had a relationship/friendship/partnership where you both have agreed to
be responsible for what you hear rather than the speaker being responsible for what they say.

Then you would have what I have called an identificationship.

Where you could both feel secure to do what we do naturally, identifying where you differ or disagree without the fear of being abused, blamed or judged, because what either listener finds unacceptable, at any time for their ears, has already been accepted as just that, unacceptable, no questions asked. Protecting our ears early enough now becomes the issue and how we go about doing it.

Rethink Perfect is the culmination of firstly identifying of the listener’s responsibility and where the process of protecting my ears has led to the development of a number of tools to help in the process.

I believe that an identificationship can stop the deterioration of poorly managed ears in a relationships and increase the talent of identification.

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