Crashing Our System

What about this?
We can’t fix or resolve a disagreement (resulting in a dispute) any more than we can’t fix or resolve a plane crash and the 300 people that were killed in the crash.

We can’t resolve or rectify a disagreement/dispute, its crashed already but we can identify where and why it crashed

Most people equate resolution or resolve with disagreement/dispute and because it is not possible, quickly give up.

By identifying where and why the disagreement/dispute occurred we prepare so that we can get much further next time until our next crash and identification.

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2 Responses to Crashing Our System

  1. GoofyFoot says:

    yeah I agree.

    I think we can spend so much time, energy and ego trying to get a resolution that tries to apportion blame (I’m part of this problem too)

    But I feel empowered when I say “I don’t want to resolve anything, just understand where and why things went wrong, so I have some hindsight to work with”.

    • I modified the post to include “We can’t fix or resolve a disagreement (resulting in a dispute)….” The dispute is the crash, which usually contains a value difference or disagreement as opposed to just difference, like which hand you scratch with.

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