Mating Cycle Strategy


I think that one thing that we all have in common is the seeking and forming of
a Mating Cycle Strategy. Now, this could be as simple as deciding to stay single, designing
our own strategy or using a standard social trending one. Some use their god given good looks while others enhance them. Some decide that brains are more effective while others see finance and status as their hook. Some plan to find a partner early and then wonder what to do next while others spend a lifetime working out what is their style. Some think practice makes perfect, while others think sex is sacred. Some choose to chase while others prefer to be chased. Some end up with a mating cycle tragedy, embroiled in domestic anger, aggression and ultimately violence, with a few even going on to either kill themselves or someone else, as part of  a failed strategy.

Regardless of what strategy we choose, to me, it is this forming of our own strategy that
makes us who we are and gives us meaning and purpose in our otherwise meaningless lives.

Have you found your strategy yet?

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1 Response to Mating Cycle Strategy

  1. GoofyFoot says:

    my strategy is to put myself in a position to engage with others, then try not hide what I think or feel especially in context or even out of context, and be prepared for what ever outcome is derives from that.

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