Seth’s Blog : “I don’t get it”

My sentiments zackly Seth!

Anyone for :
Rethink Perfect. The Upside of Uncertainty and the art of moderating our own disputes.

Seth Godin says:

"I don’t get it"

"I don’t like it"

"I don’t understand it"

Those are the only responses your new idea can possibly generate from many around you if your new idea is actually a great idea, something ownable, something you can build work around.

The popular, obvious, guaranteed ideas have definitely been taken, or are so small that they’re not really worth your blood and tears.

That means if the new title of your book is instantly understood by all, it’s generic or descriptive, not something that people will associate with you as a creator or as someone who brings us new insight.

That means if your app does something so predictable that everyone is sure it’s going to work, you’re not making a big enough leap.

And that means that if your political idea is so palatable that everyone is going to vote for it immediately, it’s not going to change anything.

"I’ll ask around the office," is shorthand for, "no. Make it more boring. Banal. And less likely to succeed, please."

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2 Responses to Seth’s Blog : “I don’t get it”

  1. tom-e , y says:

    But there are many original invention that when heard , poeple think “that is so obvoius why didnt i or other thought of it first ?”

    by the way , your blog thems remind me of Nassim Nicholas Taleb antifragile

  2. Hi tom-e, yeah I agree with the obvious bit, the idea started out 30 years ago called “I could be wrong”. Pretty hard to find somethng more obvious.

    And yes I have referred to Taleb in my blog and book and a big influence on my thinking. Edward de Bono has influenced me a lot also.
    I think Rethink Perfect or “I could be wrong” is another example of antifragile idea although I self published my book a couple of years before his Antifragile book came out. But his book Black Swan and foolded by randomness all have this “I could be wrong” theme running through them, in my view.

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