Team of Excellence

What is a team of excellence?

Is it all relative and therefore we can never actually aspire to having one in common with another? Possibly so, but here is what I think a team of excellence would look like and to me the results of what the team ultimately produce as well as the happiness of the team would be the measure.

  • It requires more than one person for starters although an individual can start one.
  • A team of excellence would be continually improving rather than being excellent.
  •  A team of excellence is different than an excellent individual, in that the a team of excellence may not have excellent individuals but as a team produce excellence.
  • The members in a team of excellence have a greater desire to be part of the team than to be an excellent individual.
  • A team of excellence would have members that already started preparing for the team of excellence and be willing to agree to the premise of  such a thing existing.
  • The individual members would believe that as a team they can produce more than the sum of the parts.
  • They will be practiced in resolving differences aiming for a better and a more efficient way.
  • The members will believe that one member’s problem with them (within the context of the team) is their problem also and will be keen to help them resolve it.
  • A team of excellence will have processes in place to assist members of the team resolve their differences.
  • No problem of difference would be too big or too small to help solve in the context of the team.
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