Standing Up for Stepping Up II

Why do we need to stand up for stepping up?

In my view the most important way to step up is to complain.
It is also one of the most annoying things to experience, having someone complain
to us, about us, especially as it is rarely done very well. It is usually blurted out,
with something like “I am sick of this….”, having allowed it to build up inside of us.

But imagine if we all agreed to appreciate someone’s complaint (stepping up) even if it was about us? That we encouraged  each other to complain first and then get the quality of content and delivery to a satisfactory level afterwards.

I think that this would change relationships dramatically for the better in ways that we could not even imagine. This would really be a paradigm shift and one that is very easy to
agree to but a life time to perfect.

It is what I call trying to complain responsibly and preparing for the failure.

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