The Perfect Way

I think that there is always an extra way of thinking. ie

  1. Your way
  2. My way
  3. The right or perfect way of thinking

I have yet to meet a person that could convince me that they have ever thought in this extra way and it seems pretty clear to me that your way and my way are not the
right way or perfect way of thinking. However it also seems to me that most people seem to think that their way is more than a possibility that it is this extra or  right/perfect way.
This explains why so many can tell us what way we should or should not be thinking or doing. Parents, teachers and managers can be great at this as you may well know. But we all seem to fall into this trap of thinking at any one moment especially when some emotive subject is discussed like sex, politics or religion for example.

If my way or your way was the right or perfect way then what would be the point of having a conversation other than trying to convert the other non right or wrong way of thinking.

That is why I say, that I think we need to agree to the existence of this extra way of thinking, just to help us moderate our own dogmatic ways.

Funny, ask anyone if there is a perfect person and I have never found anyone to say yes.
However, ask someone if they have ever made a perfect decision or had a perfect thought and most seem to be able to put up their hand. I find this very hard to comprehend how an imperfect being can come up with perfect thoughts or even one.

Finally my thoughts on this subject can still comply to this model as it is only my thinking and along with yours, I am sure it is flawed and can be improved but still allows for the existence for a right or perfect way. Heck the reason that I am writing it here is to get some imperfect feedback that will further improve my flawed thoughts.

Any imperfect feedback much appreciated.

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