The Contribution Imperative

Imagine if we agreed that that no matter what was said or done that we appreciated the act of contributing above the quality of the content or delivery.
My guess is that this is a world changing idea.

After all, we use the term “relationship” when people are together, so imagine if we valued the “relating” more than the content or delivery. That we did not expect the quality of content or delivery to be excellent only that we did just that, relate and we appreciated that we related.

Why do I think appreciation of contribution is lacking in relationships? Well my prediction is that in your last dispute, you and the other person failed to appreciate each other’s contribution above the content or delivery. Am I wrong?

I think that this is an interesting thought and something I would like to try but I also believe that to actually follow through and carry out this approach would be very difficult
and may need some mnemonic tools to achieve this.

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