Reducing Ignorance

Imagine this, that we are all victims. But not victims of perpetrators but victims of ignorance?

Imagine also that from now on, we stopped blaming anybody or everybody for what goes wrong in our world. And we start blaming the ignorance, mine and yours, that has led to our problems.

This is  a rather radical and controversial thought as it would mean that we would finally have to stop blaming such people as Hitler, Stalin and Pol Pot, our parents and ex-husbands for what they did and start attributing our past problems to ignorance.

If we agreed to this then, in my view, there would be a huge shift to reducing ignorance in the world.

I believe that my ignorance has a long way to go to be removed and maybe a realistic goal might be more about reducing it rather than perfectly removing it.

So from now on I will be focusing on reducing ignorance, especially my own.

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2 Responses to Reducing Ignorance

  1. Yes good point! I think we can also help other reduce their ignorance, about us i.e. how I prefer to be treated. So rather than expecting them to know I can try explain better.

    I recently said to my son, that “I’m trying not to react to just one thing someone does or says (e.g. a snapshot) given there is so much about them or the situation that I don’t understand” AKA ingorance

    • If they wanted to reduce their ignorance about me wouldn’t they simply ask me how I prefer to be treated and why? And wouldn’t I do the same with them?

      Granted I don’t think I have ever tried something so simple to remove my ignorance as to ask someone how they would like to be treated.

      Maybe I should start by asking if they minded if I asked such a personal question.

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