How Are You?

I am no fan of this cliche as that is just what it is to me, but have you ever thought what this question is really for?

Well, I think it is to gauge what type of conversation someone is up for and for how long
they might have. Maybe a better question to ask could be:
“Hi, have you got any preference today, for how you would like to be treated during our conversation?”

I actually tried this today with someone I had met previously at my local Startbucks
in Surfers Paradise. His reply was that he would love to talk but he has an assignment
that he has to get out. So after my explicit question I got his explicit answer and we kept the conversation to a minimum.

Imagine, I am 55 and it has taken me that long to ask such an explicit question on a topic that drives how we relate with each other. No wonder I am still single. But if no one else is using explicit language it is no wonder to me, that so many failed relationships exist, also.

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