Is Domestic Violence Caused by Domestic Anger?


Is Domestic Violence caused by Domestic Anger? To me the answer an obvious, “yes!”.
All violence to me is unacceptable and domestic violence is no exception.

But could anyone argue that Domestic Violence is not caused by anger ?
I don’t think so. Of course this is very simplistic but to me it is a good start and then we could look at the causes of Domestic Anger and start to deal with them.

But when I type it in Google and read some of the articles, the word “anger” is generally left out. Ha! I say, what a joke. Maybe they think it is too obvious? But I don’t think so. If you read this Australian government article:

Key issues in domestic violence

…out of 8000 words, anger was referred to once and nothing to do with causing DV.
That’s right! If I was writing on domestic violence I think I would dedicate 80% to DOMESTIC ANGER.

So what is going on here and why is anger not discussed as a major cause of domestic violence?
Well I think that it is because the tables would have to be turned and instead of men mainly being referred to as the perpetrators, we would, for the first time, have to include women as part of the (anger) problem. As I believe that both women and men get angry in domestic situations.

So, when governments and NGO’s are really ready to tackle Domestic Violence, in my view, all they will need to do is look at Domestic Anger and its causes and look at how we can reduce it in men and women before Domestic Violence occurs.

We could even start the Domestic Anger discussion off with this proposal of mine,
that we agree that:
“Anger is understandable but not acceptable”
Or in other words we need to be accountable for our own anger and cannot blame anyone else for us getting angry.

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