Mere Mortals

I went to a Startup Meetup on the Gold Coast last night where the guest speaker delivered his ideas but as is usually the case in these type of venues, he spoke very didactically, never once emphasising that it was only his opinion and in fact emphasised that he knew!

I mentioned this to him afterwards saying that not a sole in the room disagreed with him but then again how could they when the “guru” was speaking. I later found out that there seemed to be a lot of dissenters in the room but none dared to speak up, even during “question” time. (that always intrigues me how there is only the possibility for questions and not comments or dissenting views)

Anyway, speaking with another person there and trying to make my point when he replied that it was a given that the speaker was speaking from an opinion. He has a point, in my view, as what else could he be speaking by but his opinion?

So, why is it then that we preface our statements with, “in my view…” or “to me…” etc etc,
when the only thing that can come out of our mouths can only be opinions?

Because, in my view, we are not all that reasonable and need to remind ourselves and others, at least occasionally, that we are not all-knowing and simply mere mortals, after all.

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1 Response to Mere Mortals

  1. A couple of years ago, I said to a friend of mine, that I found it hard to distinguish what she meant as an opinion or as a fact, given she used “absolutely language” for both. I think she appreciated my dilemma and from that moment on she started to preface what she was saying as an opinion, when that was the case.

    To me the nuances in language are there for a purpose, and that is to reduce the need for supposition. On top of that, I believe when a discussion lack such nuances it is less open for new info and more likely to end up in an argument is both use a similar tactic.

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