The Double Assumption

How about this for an agreement proposal?

“Whoever assumes something AND then expects the other to assume also, loses the conversation.”

I think this single sentence embodies everything that is in Rethink Perfect.

For example:
When someone states “You should know!” or “You should do this…” or “don’t do that…”, what they are doing, in my view, is assuming that they “know”, and that you should assume their “knowledge” is valid for you also.

To me, without an explicit agreement to moderate this type of thinking and behavior, it would mean either the end of the conversation, the beginning of a heated dispute but possibly the end of the relationship as we knew it. Better to get an agreement before hand.

How many times have we allowed such statements from parents, teachers, husbands or wives that assume that, on specific subjects they know better and can dictate to us, their intended expectations, of us.

Well I believe that I get what I deserve
But now I can ask for an explicit agreement to counter the double assumptions.

Any takers?

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