Intuition Vs Ego

How do we tell the difference between our “intuition” and our “Ego”, if in fact there is one?

Well, I need to be cautions here, as now I need to consider which part of me has asked this question and which part is now about to answer it. Hmmm!

I think that I can be assured that my ego will try dress itself up to be legitimate, so my guess is that what I consider to be my intuition is really my ego in disguise. Who said that?

And when I hear someone else expound something that I disagree with, I (my ego) will probably consider that they are using their “ego”, even though they may well consider that they are using their intuition and most likely think that I am using my ego. No I didn’t!

This error in our thinking or cognitive bias, has been given a name even.
The Bias Blind Spot, of recognizing the impact of biases on the judgement of others, while failing to see the impact of biases on one’s own judgement.

Anyway, I guess it just shows that I need to be careful about all of the Cognitive Biases List and Descriptions of which there are over a hundred listed here.

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