My Mating Cycle


As we all know there is no manual on how the mating cycle works and not always does the greatest number rule. So, I thought I would share my mating cycle or call with you to get some feedback on it.

As I am getting older and I look around at women, I notice that most, that might be still of the age to have a child (it would be nice to have that option), would suit me for looks and around my height, being the other criteria.

So, all I require is that “she” would be interested in finding out what my personality criteria are and like them or if not explain why and we can see what we come up with.
And vollah! We have a match made in heaven.

However, one important criteria for me is that she would initiate. Now in 2015, I would have thought that this would not be an issue, but I still get from most people, that I will be waiting a long time (which I have). Ah well, each to their own, as I said, there is no manual.

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