Seven Steps to Stepping Up

After 25 years of working on our personal values we have come pretty close to putting them into some form of format or mission statement for our new business Pablow Inc. It is pretty simple really, where we believe that the most important thing we can do in a business or personal relationship is to take the initiative and step up when we feel it is necessary.

That is to speak up when we can see that something needs to be said. Stepping up “perfectly” is not an option, so it is more about learning to do it better and to improve our timing, taking a life time to master.

One person can step up and can be countered by another and sometimes it can get messy. So learning to step up in a Considered, Accountable, Reasonable, Responsible and Transparent way will go a long way to making it Enjoyable for all concerned and make it more constructive.
DECARRT is the Acronym for the 7 steps


  • Step 1. Daring is really the whole game, where we are taking a risk not knowing what the ultimate result will be but have faith that stepping up will always be for the better.
  • Step 2. Enjoyable using the things we have always found FUN such as creativity, idea generation and sketching to make sure that we enjoy ourselves when we try step up. With the rest of the steps designed to enhance our enjoyment.
  • Step 3. Considered means that we are cautious when we step up, using disclaimers, appreciation, acknowledging and apology when needed, especially when we are disagreeing with someone else.
  • Step 4. Accountable means that when we step up and it proves successful we get the accolade but if it fails then we get to give an acceptable apology. That we ensure that our approach is sustainable, adjustable and ultimately acceptable.
  • Step 5. Reasonable means bringing peace of mind through evidence based ideas with the ultimate goal of getting a resolution and results returning to stability even if it is fleeting, until the next step up.
  • Step 6. Responsible means being more formal and prepared in our approach to stepping up, but still allowing for bold, confident and audacious expressions. An example of stepping up responsibly is complaining responsibly, going direct to the person that you have an issue with and being prepared for the failure and to take a step back when necessary.
  • Step 7. Transparent means that we are all part of the experiment of stepping up and what we say and do is always open to scrutiny. After all the main reason that we step up is to leave open to question our own, individual, biases. It is only my view, In My View (IMV).
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