Converse Thinking v Convert Thinking

Whether it is during a conversation or while trying to get a conversion in sales, it seems to me that we to think in binary (right/wrong, win/lose, seller/buyer) or in over advocating our own idea, trying to convince and win someone over. ie Try to convert them.

But what if we were less converting in our thinking and more conversing? I think we can.

Consider v Convert
Where we simply try consider all the information more and try convert less. Get more info and dictate or use rhetoric less.

Converse v Convert
Where we cross over our thinking dynamically during conversation rather than an exchange of rigid and stifled monologues. Think of a double helix rather than a tug of war.

Context v Convert
Where we share how we think and why rather than staggered questions and answers, implying how and when the other should answer.

Converge v Convert
Where the goal is to both move to a position in between each other driven by reason rather than trying to pull the other over to our side and end up settling with compromise.

Conversion v Convert
Where we understand that the conversion occurs between both of us rather than one being the buyer and the other the seller.

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