The Perfect Startup Team

Imagine we were in the perfect startup team.

  • Then we would select the perfect market
  • And prepare so that we would not run out of cash
  • And we would have made sure we beat our competition
  • And got our pricing perfectly right
  • We would have created the perfect product
  • We would have the perfect business model
  • We would have the perfect marketing plan
  • We would perfectly recognise and attend to our customers
  • We would have gotten our timing perfectly right
  • And apply the perfect focus to boot
  • Maintain the perfect team harmony and select the perfect investors
  • Any pivot we made would be done perfectly
  • And we would have perfect passion (easy when everything is going perfectly)
  • We would have chosen the perfect location
  • And generated the perfect interest of the perfect investor
  • Have the perfect legal approach
  • With the perfect advisors
  • Choose the perfect work/life balance
  • They went to the perfect accelerator that gave them the street cred.

The perfect team can choose all the perfect directions and requirements that are needed to be the perfect startup. “But we are not perfect, nor is there a perfect team” I hear you say. Ok, fair enough, so the closer we are to the perfect team
or the less imperfect our team is the better we can achieve all of the mentioned
actions needed for a successful startup.

So, all we need to do is choose a really great team, but then again I guess we need to be a really great team member to do that, and to make sure we have a really great culture to keep that really great team together.

I don’t think that we need anything more than the ability to be part of a really great team and to be able to maintain that really great team for the period of that startup to be successful. And of course some degree of luck, to boot.


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