My Letter to Sex Discrimination Commissioner in Australia


Elizabeth Broderick – Sex Discrimination Commissioner

Hi Elizabeth, heard some of your speech today and thought I would just let you know if you want a change in attitudes to domestic violence you could already change 2 things:

  1. Change the name from Domestic Violence to Domestic Abuse ie fight the causes not the symtoms. Abuse includes verbal abuse and both sexes are part of this problem not only men as most DV people make out.
  2. Change number 1 will help with number change No 2. If you want to change men’s attitudes also on Domestic Abuse and get them on board then stop blaming them as the cause, simple!

I am not married and have little experience of Domestic Abuse but did take part an experimental relationship that seems to prove my point, but I will still not support any move for change unless change actually happens in some response to my above points.

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