Share Before’s Before Forever

If one believes in “forever” in a personal or business relationship, then surely one would have to believe in the sharing of our before’s. I mean how can you plan forever if you fail to share our befores.
For example if she was a smoker and you preferred a non smoker, then failing to share this
“before knowledge” is not going to contribute to a “forever” or long term relationship, in my view.

So simple logic would deem to me that if we were looking for forever or a very long term relationship then we would be willing to share our long term past, before. Especially what we deem as difficult to share or what is commonly called “SECRETS”.

So, it seems to me that anyone that is talking about forever and not willing to deal with (share and listen) the before’s, is living in some sort of fantasy land.

In fact, my prediction is that the sign that “forever” is only lip service, is our willingness to deal with our past’s (before), our present’s (now) and our future’s (forever) issues or secrets.

So I say share your before’s, before forever.

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