Final Summary for Agreements 2015

Summary below email to my brother Steve and Andrew Blake for their confirmation or feedback.

It is derived from these 2 posts:
Same Page Agreements
So, here is my latest definition of what an Agreement is:

What is an agreement?
Making separate “promises” TOGETHER.
*The agreement joins the promises.

Then what is a promise?
What ONE person says is true from start & end time.
*A promise only needs one person to make it.

A Promise for Now or a Compromise Forever
How long should a promise last?

The answer depends on who you ask. A woman may say forever and a man may not.

I asked a woman recently this question and she instantly replied “forever!” I countered that I could promise to buy her drinks but not forever. She conceded and said that the promise is for as long as we both agree.

Final Summary for 2015
Agreements are made up of our individual promises, which consist of an action and start/end time.

Ask someone what a promise is and they will forget to include the time (my prediction) in the definition because it is a given, to them, it is forever or basically unbreakable.

Me and Steve however, have included time in the promise and brought it down to “now” or near zero, in effect.
(explain later how this works)

This is what I am calling, or stepping up to prove.
And could do a scientific study on it or a doctorate and I think it could solve a hell of a lot of problems in business and personal relationships.
But will need to do a theses to explain what and why it works.

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