Same Page Agreements


Imagine this, most people form business and personal partnerships throughout their lifetime based on forming agreements and promises and yet when asked what they think
an agreement or promise is, most would be hard pressed to string a sentence together
with basically no chance that these definitions would come close to lining up with their partners’ definition.

In some ways it is like our loose use of words like love, trust and respect.
The playwright Bertolt Brecht said that “As soon as something seems the most obvious thing in the world, it means that we have abandoned all attempts to understand it” …and define it, in my view. If we cannot define it then we cannot understand, I believe.

So, here is my latest definition of what an Agreement is:

What is an agreement?
Making separate “promises” TOGETHER.

Then what is a promise?
What ONE says is true from start & end time. 

*a promise only needs one person to make it.

As you can see it is quite an intricate definition and involves promises to be defined also.
This is my definition only but of course if I was to form a partnership which involves agreements with someone else then I would need them to be on the same or similar page in order for us to have any success.

Here is the nub, most partnerships are not on the same page because of this and I have proof to say that there is at least something fundamentally wrong with the agreements that
are formed within partnerships due to such high failure rates.

How do you define an agreement?

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