Are You an Effective Team?


“Are you an effective team” quote from the movie Oblivion

What is an effective team?
Is it where we we sacrifice our egos for the betterment of the team or do we risk the collapse of the team for the desire to get it “right”.

In Guy Kawasaki’s book Enchantment, he talks about having a diverse team.
” A diverse team helps make enchantment last, because people with different backgrounds, perspectives, and skills keep a cause fresh and relevant. By contrast when a naked emperor runs a kingdom of sycophants and clones, the cause moves towards mediocrity.”

I prefer the diverse approach to running a team, encouraging diverse views and ideas, at the risk we will have some controversy and even some disputes and conflicting views.

Having a team proficiently skilled in negotiating their own point of view, and at the same time being willing to accede to the most reasonable and efficient solution for testing, is my idea of an effective team.

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