My Project

We all have or should, in my opinion, have our own project, and therefore “My Project” from our own perspective.

My project, for the last 30 years, has been the developing of systems or processes for creating and maintaining effective business and personal relationships.

My brother Steve’s project has been to help me with this development through discussion and testing them out in his business and personal relationships.

A specific project, common to a lot of women, at some point in their life is having a child or children and with the help of an effective partner to share the physical, financial and emotional workload involved.

I think the key to effective matching of business and personal partnerships is to find someone who is as passionate about their own project as we are about our’s.

Now, they don’t have to be the same projects or even have to accept the other person’s, but to just allow and encourage the other to have their own project.

Ultimately, I believe that my project would be ideal to allow, for someone truly seeking such an effective partnership.

By “allow” I mean not to denigrade, demean, disparage or reject the other’s project. To simply allow it to stand, with no emphasis on accepting or agreeing with their project, just simply an allowance of their project, with any considered and constructive criticism.

I also believe that through this process of allowance and constructive criticism the other person will fall in love with their partner’s project, like dads eventually falling in love with their wife’s offspring and investors getting enthusiastic with a startup.

So what is your project and what project, of someone else’s, have you allowed to stand recently?

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