Negotiate Vs Nagotiate

Q. What do you call it when someone is trying to negotiate while they are angry?
A. Nagotiate

For me life is a series of negotiations, countless thousands of them, ultimately.

Some are me negotiating through the general pitfalls of life and others are me
actively negotiating with others for what I can get out of it and ultimately them.

Sounds a bit crude but I think the better we can negotiate and do it fairly, we can expect to get so much more out of life. My best negotiations have been in recent times with my business partner and brother Steve, that has eventuated in a “successful” business/startup and another potential startup.

This has been achieved, in my view by negotiating the removal of any potential “nagotiations“. Where we agree that we will not accept any aggression or anger during negotiations. They may occur during the process but we agree to take responsibility for them before we continue with the negotiations.

I think love and personal relationships are also a series of countless negotiations, where, if fairness is the goal from both people, both can experience so much more than the sum of the two individual’s contributions.

I think I will spend the next couple of weeks working on this negotiation idea and see if I can prove that any “nagotiations”, although possibly profitable in the short term for the “nagotiator”, will ultimately result in a far poorer result than effective and anger free negotiations.

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