Blame the System Not the Parts

I was listening in to a conversation with 3 women on women’s lib and men’s suicide
and I was compelled to go over and ask if I could share my thoughts quickly, if I was allowed, which I was.

I pointed out that I overheard their convo. and that the subject of domestic violence and
men’s suicide interests me greatly.

I then pointed out that an interesting statistic is that men seem to be killing women and taking their own lives about the same, some five times more than women do.
Men probably kill each other around the same figure. I said there is a real problem with men’s violence and they agreed with me.

They also agreed with me that socially that it was unequal with men still in the 21 century being expected to initiate conversation and marriage etc. With them endorsing that that the system is the cause and that it does not even benefit men being part of this system.

But here is the take away… when I suggest we all need to work together to change this system they continued to blame men for the running of the system and being in the seat of “power”.

So these reasonable women in all their talking still believed that men were responsible for this system and therefore the problem.

I disagreed, I believe that a system is in “power” and is independent of its parts or is the sum of its parts’ participation or lack of participation. I believe that to continue to blame one person or part or section or race or religion or gender for the entire system is only going to exasperate the situation and slow the rate of change.

Maybe all this male violence is based around being the blame and scapegoat for all of the world’s woes for the last few millennia. I prefer to blame the system that we all are part of and have allowed to exist.

In other words blame the system not the parts.

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