36 Rhetorical Questions Women Have for Men

“36 Complaints Dress Up to Look Like Questions…”

I was talking to a millennial last night, from Chicago, she was 28 and had her smart phone out periodically as one would expect. Anyway rather than make any statement she just gave me a tip to look up “36 Questions” and I found this. I have a feeling this is the millennial way of flipping the bird. I think you will get what I mean if you see the video.

The thing is though, all of these questions are rhetorical questions. Now, unless one understands the effect of such rhetorical questions on one’s intellect, it is likely to be short circuited by them. My bro and I have agreed a long time back that we will not allow or accept rhetorical questions in our discussions or conversations. It changes the whole landscape with such an agreement.

Simple and the usual examples of such rhetorical questions are:
“When are you going to clean your room?”
“Why do you always do that?”
“How many times do I have to tell you?”

I think you will find them very familiar. The scary thing is that these young women do not seem to be aware how much they now already sound like their parents.

I hope the Millennial men can see the difference between rhetorical questions and sincere ones or just statements of opinion and the reasoning behind them and seek agreements to not allow the rhetoric to creep into their relationships as it will spell the beginning of the end when this happens, in my view.

See, rhetorical questions do not need to provide ANY reasoning behind them as they are statements of “fact” in the guise of a question. Very clever me thinks.

For me, the truth is that all these women simply feel disenfranchised and fair enough, I think we all do to lesser or greater degrees. Lets all get our opinions out there with the facts and reasons to back them up and have the conversations that we need to project us forward and less rhetoric.

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