Too Late to Apologize

As the song goes by One Republic “It’s too late to apologize….” But can it ever be too late?

I actually think it is the complete and utter opposite!

That it’s too late to ever seek an apology.

Why? Because, I believe that, instead of seeking an apology I should have made sure we had what ever agreements we needed in place so that their apology was or is not necessary.

To me it is like shutting the gate after the proverbial horse has bolted and expecting an apology from the offender, when we should have agreed to put a spring loaded gate there in the first place.

So instead of me seeking an apology I think I should be offering three of my own.

  1. That I failed to get the agreement in the first place.
  2. That I expected an apology at all from them and
  3. For thinking that it can be too late to apologize 

Three errors in my thinking that would have resulted, in my view, in the ultimate failure of the relationship or partnership.

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