Anger v Sadness – Mania v Depression Explained

Here is a thought:

The “greater we expect” (>e) by the “less we prepare” (<p) equals
the “more we get angry” (a)

>e x <p = a

Or simply means we are in a state of delusion, mania and possibly mental illness,
ie Anger=Mad!

If this is true then what is it called if we expect less and the prepare more?
Maybe depression!

Also what if we expect less and prepare less what is that called
Maybe apathetic or average Joe!

Finally what if we expect more and prepare more?
Ambitious or wellness!

If anger is made up of the two components of a level of expectations and a level of preparation, then I can appreciate someone’s high level of expectation but not accept their lack of preparation.

Or the reverse, I can appreciate someone’s high level of preparation but not their lack of expectation.

Both are to either side of mental health spectrum, in my view, from the manic to the depressed and both could improve. Where do you fall in this diagram?

I guess I err in not having high enough expectations considering the high level of preparation I am putting in.

Maybe a time for change.

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