Love Singularity


A singularity is so called, as defined by Elon Musk, that “when formed the outcome is potentially so powerful that the resulting effect is unpredictable”.

Could “love” be a singularity and be as simple as having a similar level of understanding of each other? Then what if we used our presumed understandings of each other and ourselves in a more formal idea called an agreement, to test or simply see how close we are to these understandings in reality?
The next step would be to form our first set of agreements that could form this singularity:

  1. I agree to help you understand me and you help me understand you.
  2. I agree to test our understandings in more formal agreements together.
  3. I agree to be willing to adjust our agreements as our understandings are revealed to not be as solid as we first presumed.
  4. I agree to go back to our first agreement…….

Then at any time we can let the other person know that we need more help from them to understand them. Maybe.
I am yet to try this out fully.

And during this process of me helping the other understand me I end up helping me understand myself also. Win win and this is what I am proposing as my eventual
love singularity.

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1 Response to Love Singularity

  1. David Lucito says:

    The #lovesingularity is an neurolinguistic program unleashed over weaponized American synthetic telepathy in the #pnw. Instead of targeting people with hateful NLP, Virginia Woolf’s luminous halo and the Immaculate Heart of Mary invaded and ruled the Information Warfare space.

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