Allowing Vs Accept

This is probably the most complex thought that I have ever had,
that is, being able to see the difference between allowing and accepting something.

What is the difference you may ask?

Well to allow something or someone does  not mean we have to accept it, in my view.
The example that I have derived this simple and yet complex thought from is when we get angry. Anger is allowed because we are human and flawed. I do not see anger as the solution to any problem and yet it seems to be a great way to red flag an issue, allowing us to identify that there is a problem.

By not accepting anger, however, means that we can quickly move from the identifying of a problem being present and move into solution mode, starting with an apology for my anger being the first of such solutions.

So I can allow anger as the identifier of a problem but not accept it as the solution to the problem.

PS If I fail to allow anger I am also in danger of getting angry myself, which I think is what most of us find ourselves in. Ensuring that we have this “allow but not accept” agreement in place before such problems occur is crucial to a healthy and sustainable relationship or partnership, in my view.


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