Courtship & Royal Tennis


Here is a bit of fun.

I would like to draw reference to the analogy of the invention of tennis for the English court (the palace of a king or queen) and how we pursue our mate in our mating cycle or  more colloquially called courtship.

Lets look at how the game of tennis, previous called Royal Tennis and the words associated with the game seem to also mimic how courting seems to take place.

“15 love”.
“Ball is in your court”.
“Advantage server”.
“Break point”
“Line call”

“Good point”

When we are making a proposal for an agreement it is important that both participate and continue to return the ball. Like tennis there is always a winner and loser. There is no compromise (especially with the advent of Hawkeye). So, when one puts forward a proposal or argument it needs to be countered or conceded by the other. The best shot wins.

Only losers talk about the merits of compromise!

My advantage.

I can see no good reason to compromise oneself.

Game, set and match!


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