Anger Responsibly

The Drink & Drive Responsibly campaigns in Australia have been very successful, helping in part to reduce the road deaths by a whopping 1000%.
From: 43/100k vehicles in 1980 down to 4.5/100k in 2014

Possibly kicking off in Victoria, in the 1980’s, with the Transport Accident Commission TAC, the figures seem to speak for themselves.

List of motor vehicle deaths in Australia by year

I am now proposing a new campaign that could equally have dramatic results in all facets
of our lives, from personal relationships, business relationships and partnerships, domestic violence and even violent crimes. I call it the Anger Responsibly campaign.

Instead of focusing on the symptoms of anger, such as violent crime and domestic violence, I am suggesting we focus on anger and making us more responsible for our behaviour.

From helping us monitor our own response to external feedback, to ultimately giving responsible apologies for our anger when our anger is no longer responsible and is adversely affecting others and oneself.

Like drinking responsibly, we each can decide what that is for us with a lot of people simply opting not to drink at all when driving, some of us could deem that no level of anger is right for them. Personally, I like to get a little excited in a discussion or conversation but would have to ensure that the person that I was participating with was up for a little excitement also.

“Responsible Anger” can have many levels and ultimately it is up to us all to form agreements to what levels are okay for each of us. But like the drink driving laws, there is  an ultimate level that we all can agree has over stepped the mark to be irresponsible.
Forming agreements on such levels will be crucial for such a campaign.

For years I have been working on the details of the Anger Responsibly campaign and would love to help in its inception. Any takers…..?


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