Create an Understanding

Untitled-1Why try to understand each other? Probably a question you have never asked yourself.
A lot seems to be written about understanding ourselves and each other but for what reason? I say it is far more important to “create an understanding” between us rather than simply understanding ourselves and others.

Once I understand you and you understand me, we then seem to set about trying to change the other to suit ourselves. But what if we dedicated more of our energies into creating an understanding between us rather than to just understand each other?

I think that is what I have been doing for most of my adult life or striving to but missing the mark considerably as I believe most of us seem to be doing, because of this simple nuance.

So what does “create an understanding” mean. Simple. We strive at understanding each other and then strive even harder at creating an understanding or what I call an agreement on how we are going to proceed forward. The devil is in the detail of forming this agreement NOT in the observing and understanding of the problem.

It is this moving forward that seems to be missing in the idea of just trying to understand each other.

Now that this is clearer in my mind and I can then help you understand it (here), I believe we can start to build an understanding on how we will move forward, from this point, together. Let’s try.

PS Next post is on: How to Create an Understanding…Together.

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