Ask and you Shall Concieve


Ask and You Shall Concieve

Hey Courtney, I was just reading your piece on what women want in the Sunday Age today.
You finished by saying that if us guys want to know what women want we can just ask them.

Well I disagree. If I want something I usually ask for it. So I have been waiting for the women of my dreams to come along and
in the twenty first century actually ask me for a date or ask me for sex for whatever she want.

To me the best way to find out what a person really wants is to listen for what they are willing to asks for.

You may also have realised that I may be waiting a long time, and I have. More than ten years so far,
but the way I look at it is that a woman that can really express what she wants is a rare and precious find and worth the wait.

Taking this stand has taught me to have a lot of patience and surely in this age of equality this goal is not too much to ask, wait and hope for.

So, if you know any single women that can express themselves like this and is in their thirties then please pass on my contact details

And as usual, any feedback much appreciated.


Des Sherlock
social entrepreneur

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